Key Features of the Upcoming Univa Grid Engine 8.1 Release

Here is a summary of the key features of Univa Grid Engine 8.1 and corresponding links to blog entries or other blogs explaining the enhancements:

  1. Processor core and NUMA memory binding for jobs which enables applications to run consistently and faster.

  2. Job Classes describing how applications run in a cluster, slashing the time to onboard and manage workflow.

  3. Resource maps which define how hardware and software resources are ordered and used in the cluster helping to improve throughput and utilization of the cluster

  4. Improved Job Debugging and Diagnostics allowing administrators discover issues in less time

  5. New support for Postgres database job spooling that balances speed of submission with reliability in high volume clusters that have lots of small jobs

  6. Documented and tested integrations with common MPI environments allows for valuable time saved since Univa has done the integration work.

  7. And more …

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